Luis Chavez moved from Mexico to Chicago 14 years ago by himself. This is a postcard for his parents.

Xeni León moved to the U.S. with his mom when he was nine and now lives on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. He's a U.S. citizen now and goes back to visit family in Mexico, but his dad hasn't been to his home in Massachusetts. The day I went to Xeni’s house he was cooking dinner with his girlfriend Leah and his 10 month old daughter Lucia. Here's Xeni sending this Postcard Home from Martha’s Vineyard to Queretaro, Mexico.

When Patricia Yossen was growing up in Argentina, her parents would sit at the kitchen table for hours filling empanadas for school fundraisers or just to share with friends. When she makes her mom's recipe she feels connected to her and to her tradition of sharing love through food. At her home in Los Angeles, she shares her mom's tips with her own daughter in this postcard home to family in Argentina.