Ways of Life pieces for broadcast on WCAI, the NPR station for the Cape, Coast, and Islands in MA

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Mike Martin has been playing flute on Surf Drive beach for years. He's become a fixture for visitors and regulars, probably because he's usually surrounded by ducks. Mike has gotten to know the birds pretty well over time. But his favorite fans still haven't learned how to clap.


Matt Hayden spent the last year teaching himself how to make pelts from road kill animals. Now, he's perfecting his raccoon stew recipe. He wants to survive on local resources found in nature. Not an outlandish idea for a guy who lives on Martha's Vineyard, an island that gets a lot of its supplies shipped in on ferry boats.


Artist Jeff Smith set out to build the smallest house in the world. No one else had done it, so why shouldn't he? He doesn't live in the home. It functions more as a performance art piece. And because it's bright green, he gets a lot of questions when he parks it in public places. It's also for rent...but it's complicated.

Sonic ID's for broadcast on WCAI, the NPR station for the Cape, Coast, and Islands in MA

Independent Pieces

Rezkoville was was 63 acres of wild plants, native birds, and thriving insect communities in the middle of the Chicago. This winter, developers plowed over the wild ecosystem that had taken over land in the city. A self-taught native plant and animal expert, Jana Kinsman (Founder of Bike-a-Bee) spent a lot of time enjoying Rezkoville. We spoke with her in March 2017 about the history of this wild spot and its legacy. What does it mean when we lose our wild spaces in the city?